Takao-san & Shiro-yama Hill Walking Day trip from Tokyo on Showa Day

Tuesday 29th was a holiday in Japan – Showa Day.  A day’s holiday to honour the birthday of Emperor Hirohito.

I went on an adventure leaving Tokyo for the first time since I arrived a few weeks back.  I took the train to Takao-san-guchi, on the fast trains it’s about an hour – I took a slower train so it took a bit longer!  The first hill is Takao-san (559m) and is a popular with people from Tokyo due to its proximity.  There are several routes up, I took route number 6, a really nice walk along the valley and then up through the woods.  The hills here are wooded with really good paths.  After reaching the top of Takao-san I walked along the ridge to the next peak, Shiro-yama (670m) and a little further before cutting steeply down to the valley and on to Sagami-ko where I managed to pick up a train back to Tokyo.  

It was lovely to get out of the city and see the hills although all the time I’ve spent in parks didn’t make me miss the countryside as much as I thought I might!



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