Japanese 日本語

One of my long term ambitions was to live abroad so I’m very pleased to have been given the opportunity to fulfil this.  Another linked ambition is to speak another language.

So I am learning Japanese!  I have been studying myself for a few months since I knew I was coming here and have now started some classes.   So far I’ve had 2 classes and they are really good but very challenging.  I speak Japanese for an hour in a 1:1 session despite having very little Japanese!  It is amazing what can be done with pictures and pointing and thinking it through this is how we teach our children with books showing images and talking.

I’m really glad that I learnt kana before coming here so I can read some Japanese although very little kanji (Chinese symbols).

This weekend I have spent hours studying (most of it sitting in the sun!) so I hope that I can say more in this week’s class!  My teacher tells me that when I run I should go through phrases so I also tried that today with some success.

What is very encouraging is that the people here are so positive about the effort that it does encourage me to try and I get many opportunities to practice.


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