World Triathlon Series – Yokohama

On the weekend of the 17th and 18th of May the World Triathalon Series came to Japan with the race held in Yokohama. I made the short journey from Tokyo to Yokohama both days to watch, the Saturday featured the elite races and Sunday was the open where a few people I have met through the running club were competing. I went with Sachi, a Japanese friend that I’ve met through the running club.

Japanese word of the weekend – がんばれ – ganbare! – go for it/do your best!

The weather was fantastic, warm and sunny and the course compact with swimming in the sea by the harbour and the bike and run in the adjacent streets. It made great viewing and we found plenty of different viewing points.

On Saturday we watched both the elite women and men with great views of the Brownlee brothers. It wasn’t a great day for the British athletes with Jodie Stimpson, last year’s winner, falling on her bike – run transition and cutting her foot requiring stitches after the race and the Brownlee brothers coming 4th and 5th. It was a good day for Japan with Ai Odea coming 2nd in the women’s, the first time a Japanese woman has been on the podium for this race.

On Sunday we supported Lisa from the running club – see support team pictures!

There are good very short summaries of the elite races on YouTube:
Men’s –
Women’s –




One thought on “World Triathlon Series – Yokohama

  1. Hi Madeleine
    I watched the triathalon on telly – I did look out for you as i thought that you would be there. The setting and weather looked fab. It sounds from your blog that you doing lots and really enjoying the country. Best of luck. Take care . Cheers Jane

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