Ascent of Mount Fuji (3776m)



Mark and I climbed Mount Fuji yesterday!

We got a taxi to the 5th station as soon as the road opened at 0600 and walked to the summit.  It was a long hard climb in winter conditions, getting steadily steeper the higher we got.  

It was very hot at the bottom and cold at the top!  Good views all of the way up with cloud for our summit shot and some hail on the way down!

We made it back to the 5th station with not long to spare for the last bus back to Kawaguchi-ko where we were camping.  We celebrated with a bath in the local Onsen and dinner in town.

Onsens are baths from natural hot springs.  The campsite had a deal with the local onsen for reduced rates which we made use of on Friday and Saturday nights!  The sauna in the women’s side even had a view of Fuji and both men’s and women’s had outside hot baths – lovely!










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