Rainy Season & Umbrellas

Ever since I arrived in Japan and even in communications before everyone remarked on how lovely the weather is and how I should enjoy it as in June the rainy season will arrive followed by very hot summer weather.

The rainy season arrived last week with a dramatic change. At first it was warm and wet but what followed was much cooler and lots of rain. I’m told it lasts 3 weeks but I guess it depends on the year – I hope it’s not longer!

Since Sunday we had a bit of a break with less rain and even some sun, today was even hot!

However, in honour of the rainy season I did purchase a new Japanese style umbrella.

The Japanese love umbrellas and carry them everywhere when there is rain or the threat of rain. Perhaps because it’s warm (I’ve not yet been here in cold weather) very few wear waterproof jackets. Even on bikes it’s common to see people cycling with umbrellas (a practice incidentally against the law but commonly seen!). The favoured umbrella is 60-65cm in radius (I know as the ones in the shops or that you borrow are often labelled!) with a hook for carrying on your arm and the most common look is transparent.

At nearly all shops and restaurants there is a stand for you to leave your umbrella in and sometimes a device to wrap you umbrella in a plastic bag so you can carry it without dripping.


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