Tokyo Yamathon

We did it!

We walked, ran and jogged approximately 40k and visited every station on the Yamanote line (29 in total).  The Yamanote line is a bit like London’s circle line – central Tokyo is inside the line.  We did it in 8h31 and were the 18th team to complete.  Not bad as we stopped for lunch and a beer towards the end of the afternoon!

Here is the photographic evidence (part of the competition was to take a picture at every station – sometimes challenging to get everyone in and the name of the station):



Anyone who knows Tokyo well will notice that the order has got a bit mixed up!

A really great day out in Aid of Oxfam Japan.  Thank-you to Lisa, Mike and Take, my team mates!


One thought on “Tokyo Yamathon

  1. That looks like a brilliant day! What a great idea 🙂

    I’m just waiting for mark at the last checkpoint before the finish of The Wall. Expecting him to finish by 3.30-4 and then back to South Shields and then the long drive home…

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