Japanese – learning the language – update

I’m still really enjoying studying Japanese!  I have now had 13 x 1 hour of 1:1 lessons (all in Japanese!).  The classes are all about talking which is great.  I get homework every week which is about writing and of course practicing.

My interaction with my teacher is a bit like that of toddler to adult.  She is all knowing but talks to me in a very simple way with plenty of facial expressions, pointing and quite a lot of drawing (she is very good at this!).  It’s really good and I’m so pleased to be improving and managing to put together some simple sentences.

Believe it or not the classes aren’t quite enough for me so I’m also working my way through a book on reading and writing in Japanese which I started before I came out.  This concentrates on Kanji (the Chinese characters) whereas I’ve been working mostly in kana (Japanese syllables) in the classes.  Kanji has just started in class but I’m pleased to report that I can read and write kana now reasonably well.  One form of kana is for words that have come from other languages.  As this is mainly English if you can read it you can work out what quite a lot of words mean.

Japanese people are so welcoming to an outsider speaking the language, even if it is only a few phrases so I rarely feel intimidated about trying which helps massively.

I also have been to lunch a few times with 2 really nice colleagues from sales who want to improve their English.  We talk a mix of English and Japanese (mostly English) but it is another friendly place for me to practice.


I speak a little Japanese


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