One of the remarkable things about Japan is their toilets – they have the most advanced and highly engineered toilets I’ve come across. Almost everywhere the toilets have a bidet system incorporated, very often a heated seat (I’m still trying to work out how to switch my seat off now we are in the peak heat of summer!).

I attach a photograph of the toilet in my apartment to give you an idea.

In some public places like parks, there are ‘old style’ squat toilets, these are less engineered but in my experience always clean.

There are also toilets with a small sink above the cistern so that when you flush the water first comes out a tap and then is reused to flush the toilet! Great idea except it is a little tricky to use a small sink when you have to lean over the toilet to do so.

I haven’t seen any toilets at all in between in style (like British toilets).

The other common feature is a button on toilets that makes a noisy to hide any noises that you might make during your visit! Evidently this started due to Japanese women flushing the toilet while using. Someone then realized they could make an artificial flushing noise! The toilets at work have a combination of running water and bird song added as an extra feature – the toilets already have a flushing sound.






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