Hair cut!

I’ve been in Japan for 6 months now and haven’t had a hair cut. Partly it was being busy but I also had some apprehension about how to manage this without a good grasp of Japanese and explain what I wanted.

You also see very few people here with curly hair so thought my hair could be a challenge!

Still, as you could imagine my hair was not in the best condition and it was beginning to get me down so I bit the bullet and went to my local hairdresser.

Like most of my experiences in Japan it turned out to be no problem! They fitted me in within 10 minutes and spoke good English. Cutting my hair fine and finishing it off straight at my request (going curly being a risky choice generally in my experience!).

I enclose a picture, you’ll see the curls are starting to come back already but it feels great to have the dry ends cut off! I’m sure I’ll be back before another 6 months pass.



One thought on “Hair cut!

  1. Hi Madeleine. …nice! Bullet well bitten. I’ll send you a picture of my post 6 weeks in France Mohican cut when I get back from Turkey… x

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