The Great Wall of China

I was in business in China last week and extended my stay to visit a colleague to take a short trip to the Great Wall. It was really good even if the pollution level was high and so the views were not extensive. The wall is 5000 km long which if straight would be take a person half way between Tokyo and Paris!

It’s actually very twisted with plenty of ups and downs with many steps and slopes and different towers along the edge.

We visited the wall at Mytianyu about an hours drive from my colleagues’ house near Beijing. It was an interesting experience in integrated transport with a cable car trip up to the wall and a toboggan ride back down!

We walked about 5k along the wall – we didn’t have a lot of time as we had to be back in Beijing for my flight home, for ballet practice and for a performance of Grease! But I got a really good feel for the wall and the extent of it.

It was very cold – around freezing and as I’d packed for a business trip I didn’t have the best clothes. Fortunately I’m in training for the Yokohama marathon so had my running gear so managed to double layer with compression leggings and jeans and 2 jackets thanks to a quick purchase of a thin down jacket in the airport on the way out which I haven’t had off in China since buying! It’s great for under my normal coat.

IMG_2747 IMG_2749 IMG_2752 IMG_2756 IMG_2757 IMG_2759


One thought on “The Great Wall of China

  1. yes I remember the Wall being like this and I too lived in a down jacket whilst in Beijing!! Some things just don’t change!

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