Happy New Year and Japanese New Year Cards

The Japanese do not celebrate Christmas traditionally although they have embraced the season with decorations and carols in all the shops! Typically it’s more for couples than family with couples having a romantic meal on Christmas Eve.

Christmas cards are not part of the celebration.

In Japan it is the changing of the years that is celebrated and families come together for the first 3 days of he year with the main celebrations on the first.

Cards are sent but these are postcards rather than Western style folded cards and they are labelled so that the post office does not deliver them until the 1st! This is in stark contrast to the UK where cards must be sent extra early and cards are delayed by the volume of Christmas post – in Japan they hold onto cards until the day itself (New Year in this case) and deliver all together!

So although not posted I’m delivering my New Year card to you all on the 1st of January. It’s based on my Christmas card that some may have received and on a painting I did of Japanese cranes.


I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Exciting New Year!


One thought on “Happy New Year and Japanese New Year Cards

  1. Ahhh…what a lovely surprise to find this picture! Beautiful. Happy New year. Looking forward to having you back in the UK but so pleased you are still enjoying your adventure.

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