Hiroshima visit: Peace Park and Hiroshima Castle

Back between Christmas and New Year; Mark and I spent a day looking around Hiroshima after our visit to Miyajima and before heading back to Tokyo.  We started our day with a long run along the river.  The rivers here are really nice, lined with trees and some nice cafes.  After that we explored the city on foot and took some pictures that I include below.

Hiroshima Castle.  It was destroyed by the atomic bomb but has been rebuilt.  A striking landmark.


The Peace Park including the Atomic Bomb dome, the only building that remained after the A-bomb (the bomb exploded almost exactly right above it).  It is now preserved as a memorial.  When we visited it was covered in scaffolding but normally this is not the case.  It’s a strange irony that it is being repaired to return it to its semi-destructed state.



The Peace Memorial Park:


Memorials for children made from thousands of origami cranes (see below).IMG_2884

Part of the Children’s Peace Memorial:


The memorial was inspired by Sadako Sasaki who developed leukaemia aged 11 in 1955 and decided to fold 1000 origami cranes as in Japan the crane is a symbol of longevity and happiness and she believed that if she made 1000 she would recover.  She died before reaching her target but her class mates folded the rest and her story continues to inspire people to this day.

When I visited Nagasaki with my parents there were a lot of school trips visiting and they all had ‘streamer’ made up of cranes.


One of the traditional food of Japan is the Okonomiyaki a kind of pancake/pizza made of mixed ingredients cooked on a heated plate.  In Hiroshima the traditional okonomiyaki includes noodles.  It was delicious but very filling – this eating tourism is not as easy as it looks!

IMG_2880 IMG_0648


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